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European Parliament

"The aim of your initiative, namely to reinforce the spirit of solidarity, social ties, and mutual assistance among citizens, while promoting good relationships between neighbours, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion in urban areas, is greatly appreciated by the European Parliament. Our institution is convinced that citizens occupy a key position at the heart of the European project and they are its main players and beneficiaries. Activities that put common European values at their core help to strengthen social ties and to form active and resposible citizens. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I grant your initiative the European Parliament's high patronage."


Martin SHULZ

President of the European Parliament 

European Council

The 2014 edition of Neighbours' Day was placed under the patronage of Mr Herman VAN ROMPUY, President of the European Council. 
"I believe in the importance of bringing the citizens of Europe closer together. Getting to know the people who live next door is a very good start. Therefore I am happy to lend my patronage to the Neighbours Day 2014. I fully support its objective to develop a network of partners willing to promote a 'better living together'. I hope that this year's Neighbours Day events shall enhance people's interest in contributing to a society founded on common values, such as solidarity, tolerance, mutual respect and the fight against discrimination. Europe begins next door!"   
Herman Van Rompuy - President of the European Council

European Commission : Jobs, Social Affairs and Equal opportunity