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Neighbours' Day is being launched for the 1st time in Japan, in downtown Tokyo, in the well-known park of SHINJYUKU, for the "LOHAS Design Award 2008", an event that is being organised to improve residents' quality of life and promote sustainable development.

At the end of 2008, the Neighbours day organizers decided to create a structure, RINJIN MATSURI, dedicated to Neighbours day promotion in Japan


The first Neighbours' day celebrations were initiated by the Green Consumer Foundation in the Tianmu district back in 2006 (Tianmu is the most important district in Taipei located in the north of Taipei and gathers a high number of foreigners . The first celebrations took place in November due to bad weather conditions in May. A few Taipei based french organizations were involved in the event to remind all participants the french origin of the project.

In 2009 more than 2 000 neighbours celebrated together this day in June. "We celebrated Neighbour's Day in Taipei last year, it brought up incredible response from local communities, everyone loves the idea and like to join this again and again..."


It is in the light of solidarity and the conviviality that the first edition 2010 of the Neghbours' Day was born in Togo. The association Voisins Solidaires-Neghbours Together from Togo takes the initiative to launch officialy this event on the African continet. This year, the Neighbours' Day reminded Togolese that the good neighbourly practices are connected with the environmental protection.